Common Sense and Darwinism

Now, before you think that I believe in Evolution over Creation – I don’t. God made the planet just as it’s laid out in Genesis.

But, true Darwinian Evolution (which is actually Devolution) does exist – as in those characteristics which hurt the ability of one individual of a species to survive over another individual will reduce a population to a limited group which has the ability to survive in their environment. There is no new sudden leaps up and forward as most Evolutionists would love to have you believe that Darwin spoke about.

Anyways. I thought about this as I heard a funny statistic – there were 21 swift water rescues in the Tucson area last night. Now it’s quite common to have one or two, as there is always that one person who gets caught off guard… But 21?

Then I got to thinking…what has happened to common sense? I think Darwin is the answer. See, it used to be 150, 100, even 50 years ago, when one made a bad choice, the chance of survival (and thusly reproduction) were slim. Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, however…Darwinian Devolution has been slowed, possibly even halted, allowing those lacking the survival instincts necessary to apply common sense to their environment to not only survive, but to thrive. Want proof? Google “adrenaline junkie”.

Now, I’m not advocating we stop rescuing and healing the common sense impaired…

But I am warning people that we are just going to continue to see more and more and more stupid…


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